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Ex-cop charged with abusing kids while on duty

Just happened upon this article by chance?:   FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Authorities are asking people to step forward if they believe they were assaulted as children by a Flint police sergeant who is charged with sexual misconduct while on duty in the 1990s. Lawrence Woods, now 66 and retired, appeared in court Friday on […]

Listening to police that hurt their own?

As the stats are there, police commit the criminal act of domestic violence against their own family members which includes, but not limited to, beatings & humiliation & rape & molestation on the [children & wives]. And you think they would not do these thing to people they don’t love? Think again.   If a […]


A more extensive post of Crimes Against Humanity the governments in the U.S.A. had, and are, committing against their own citizens.