The Power of the Anti-Christ pt. 2

To: 1wanderingtruthseeker. Fr: Tausca [the husband of Storm]. My comment was more to WHICH COUNTRY DOES GOD HAVE HIS HAND OVER NOW. And, I am not upset at who wrote that either, if you or not.

I was just replying to the area of Muslims practicing child abuse on a daily basis and them taking God out of schools. I don’t hate or disrespect [any] way of believing in God if it is true, even the Muslim way. Because we are [all] praying to the same God, though, we interpret the way to pray to God differently.
In my tribes [Maidu] traditional way they used to take the young children and make them lay down in the Round House on their stomachs. They would cut their backs with a clam shell and the boys were not supposed to cry. They would tell them after they did it, “If you do something bad then something worse is going to happen to you.” Of course, today, most of them don’t even say their tribes names correctly and they don’t practice tradition fully.
So to say child abuse in the Muslim’s daily practice, I would have to say a lot of our old cultural teaching did things to children and humanity has advanced to billions. I don’t know? Maybe that isn’t such a good thing? There [IS] a lot of negative problems today in humanity.
The problem I have 1wanderingtruthseeker is with United States of America, and their manipulation and disrespect of religion!
I have researched this fully and personally been involved in some way with many religions in the USA. So I know what I’m talking about.
The USA is [mostly] Christians. Jesus Christ is real!
Like you know and wrote the governments stole many books that were wrote and won’t let us see them. Because they don’t want us to know the truth ‘there’ because it, more than likely, is different than what the government’s ’cause’ is. So, what we BELIEVE, is that the government added in the bible [which is there] that the “authorities” on the earth are appointed by God, therefore, the authorities [are] the word of God. They then started acting like they are God. Churches in the USA teach this so intensely, especially in the West Coast -like California, we were tortured by the cops. From judges, sheriffs, district attorneys, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and so on… We cried via Presidential Telegram, three times, to President Obama who ignored us!
We literally had these government cops come up to us and tell us that if we turned our lives over to Jesus Christ ‘the’ torture would stop. That ‘that’ is all we had to do. BELIEVE THE COPS ARE THE WORD OF GOD, THEREFORE, THEY [ARE] GOD.
No man is God. Only God is God. And we are willing to die for our beliefs. [many times over], even today, but that is yet to come and we will inform you where to go to witness it.
The government in the USA has disrespected Jesus Christ so bad they have turned Jesus Christ off to many of us, excluding the young who they have -and are brainwashing, until Jesus Christ came to me and told me ‘what time it is.’ A couple of times.
Shame on those who hide Spiritual Documents and change the Words of God to suit their own greedy violent ’cause.’ Who claim they are Christians and run around making excuses to hurt people, and kill people, just to have the control of power and money. THOU SHALL NOT KILL.
These government people type something on a computer and show others. They say, “Look at what these people did before.” All of it [lies]. And the people believe in the government’s lies and manipulation. Because it is on computer record they forged. And they are in a suit and rich. To me it is a disrespectful joke!!!!
I just want you to see a little into the way I live and believe. God and Jesus are love and the bible describes the act of love, so no one can direct anyone differently. Anything different than love from a Christian is from the DEVIL! And I am at war with the Devil, my friend.
I love you to have your own mind and opinions and words. Think for yourself and don’t let the government direct you to darkness. Pretending to be an Angel of Light.

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