Governmental Rapists.

Go to, and scroll to these three different sections:
*Colusa PD officer LORMAN testifies to HIS sexual assault (Obama’s body cams of rape- suppressed by judge THOMPSON),
*Colusa DDA Matt BEAUCHAMP and HIS pedophiliac behavior,
*According to DDA BEAUCHAMP’s investigator Sara MARTIN- it’s okay for male cops to rape female suspects!

These rapist that are employed at the same location and are co-defendants are from different branches of government, City, County, State. So many people are venting about their families victimization in regard to these criminals committing crimes against their family but allow other ‘criminal government employed persons’ at Colusa to walk free.
Because a woman is alleged to had committed a crime does not give the Police Department the following rights:
1. Colusa P.D. Officer LORMAN Handcuff the woman suspect and violently rape on her.
2. After the rape, have the rapist cop’s entire department under ‘Chief Josh FITCH’ shield their rapist and allow their rapist to walk around with a gun.
3. After the rape, have the State of California’s Deputy District Attorney BEAUCHAMP argue to suppress our President OBAMA’s police body cams of his officer rapists victimization of a woman so the woman cannot let the world view the cop raping on the woman to the World Wide Web violating U.S. Const. 1st Amend..
4. After the rape, have the State of California’s Judge THOMPSON suppress their rapist cop’s body cam of the rape due to the prosecutor’s argument the victim will post the cops rape on the World Wide Web for the world to see (which is our Right in America) his officer victimized a woman with violating our country and state’s Freedom Of Information Act, not giving the defendant discovery of her case, and denying the woman victim of her U.S. Const. 1st Amend. Freedom of Speech Clause. The victim is only allowed to go with this rapist co-workers who argue unconstitutionally for their rapist cop and view the rape on video while she sits with the gang that raped her and/or is shielding their rapist. That sounds like a Sick Twisted Rape Porn Movie that Judge THOMPSON ordered the victim to go watch with her victimizers. This is a clear case of Crime Against Humanity.

County Counsel for the rapist cops wrote back and wrote, basically, if a woman is a suspect in a crime that they can rape her and it’s legal.

ANALOGY: Put the shoe on these rapists feet! Wait for their wives to drive home from the store and when she is driving and speeds that is illegal so then she is alleged to committed a crime so anyone can run her off the road and rape her, and is legal and just according to California Judge THOMSON, DDA BEAUCHAMP, Police Officer LORMAN and their department. So make sure you do it in Colusa County California under their watch and you are strait.

Do you see how absurd/disrespectful/criminal this sounds? Do Not Trust your children, your daughters, do not trust letting them alone with these rapist no matter how professional and nice they come off to you. Do not shake their hands. When you look at them look at them as they belong in prison and on Magan’s Law which is a site every person convicted of a sex crime must register.

A sex offender is nothing more than a disgusting Pig. A PIG.

One area of injuries I possess from the incident where I am Judge THOMPSON and DDA BEAUCHAMP’s victim/witness are on knee: 1. chipped bone; 2. crushed meniscus; 3. anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. This counties hospital refused treatment and forced me to take a bus and then walk to my truck with threat of incarceration for trespass. A different county hospital performed major surgery and then FAX Judge THOMPSON and DDA BEAUCHAMP doctors orders I cannot be transported for 8 weeks. Co-Defendants Judge THOMPSON and DDA BEAUCHAMP sent threat of incarceration if I did not show up to the preliminary hearing anyway for contempt. At the court date DDA BEAUCHAMP argued to incarcerate “his” victim/witness anyway. I suffered pain and still feel the effects from that pain today as I was forced to drive my 1986 Jeep shifting a clutch on the same side as my surgery. They did not even retrieve me a driver nor ambulance to transport me to their court date. Threee months later the D.A. office said they will only give me 20 cents a mile and they will deliver it two weeks after they claimed they were going to give me the money, and they said they could not find their subpoena for their preliminary hearing so they brought up the subject on not paying me the 20 cents a mile either.


And these type of rapist are highly known for Assassination of Character to turn you public from the truth by saying we  are the sex offender, we hurt elderly, we hurt animals.  And most won’t even go on Magen’s Law Site to research the cops are nothing more than PIG liars.
Obama’s police body cams are a disrespectful atrocity that male cops are allowed to rape on American women and have many levels of government suppress the rape. I am witness to the bruise marks on this woman butt area when she was released from jail where she was housed by herself in a camera for 2 1/2 days after Colusa Police Officer LORMAN raped on her, I am the one who took the pictures of this woman’s injuries she was victimized with “after” arrest per the officer’s testimony, I am witness to the officer testifying during arrest his victim was screaming out for him to stop grabbing her ass, I am witness to the emotional state of mind when the rape victim informed me of the sexual assault, I am a witness to all the government employees breaking the law to not give possession of the police’s body cam so the victim can show the world what United States of America is really about to whom it wants.

I had researched law my entire adult life and possess a Diploma of Paralegal from Blackstone at Pennsylvania. I graduated with an  A-  average which mean I understand how to read law and know when a person is breaking the law. I sat in the public side of the court at all court appearances scheduled for CR-57771, excluding one. I  witnessed Judge THOMPSON rule against the defendant when there was solid case law and penal code to back up the defendant’s situation  -time and time again. No judge can know our law and help the prosecutor break our law to impair the situation of the defendant; especially when that is brought to Judge THOMPSON’s attention. There are situations in the courtroom world when a judge becomes Drunk With Power holding their rulings and selves above the laws of our country. This is just what has happened with Judge THOMPSON. He sits at bench and breaks law after law against the defendants and his courtroom reporter does not transcribe word for word what is said and leaves out important statements made that would be solid appeal grounds for the defendant. Judge THOMPSON allows the prosecutor and the police to break laws against defendants and does not correct nor punish them.

California Judge THOMPSON, Colusa California, is not impartial in the case of CR-57771 and cannot sit at bench, nor Judge OLIVERA who I witnessed breaking the law against the defendant in this case. The remedy must not be go appeal it while a human sits in prison, but the remedy must be to receive a fair jury trial and all other court dates and for the judges to be impartial. It is a disobedience to the law of our country to leave these two corrupt judge’s at bench for any defendant; especially in CR-57771. It would only be fair to have all the motions this judge unconstitutionally denied reheard by a judge that is just and complies with our written law.

[I AM] our California Government’s Victim/Witness in this case they subpoena and this is what I witnessed.

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